We can't emphasize this enough as it is the number one reason for why people fail with building wiki links and can be easily avoided. If you do everything right and don't have a quality list of wiki sites that actually allow new registrations and posting, then all your work will be for nothing!

Luckily for you, we come to the rescue! For all our customers we exclusively offer a complementary product called WikiBase. It is a huuuuugeeee database of working and postable wiki sites. We have our scrapers and bots running 24/7 to find and test as many wiki sites as possible for you to enjoy. Users typically get a very high success rate with WikiBase when WikiRobot is used properly. We've decided to go this route since many of our users don't have the knowledge, resources or time to build their own lists. WikiBase is exclusively available to WikiRobot users and is directly integrated into WikiRobot (it can be accessed only through WikiRobot!).

»How many and what kind of sites are in WikiBase?«

Number of sites is constantly changing as we keep updating WikiBase. For details about sites count, platform, pagerank, whether they're do-follow and whether captcha is present please visit WikiBase Breakdown.

»Can I cancel my WikiBase subscription?«

Of course. You can cancel any time you want and we won't bill you anymore.


WikiBase can be paid for on a monthly basis or per 6 months (cheaper option).
  WikiBase - Monthly
  WikiBase - 6 Months
Note that there are no refunds for WikiBase once the license has been activated and the database downloaded.
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