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Postby vision2003 » 22 Feb 2014, 13:56

- added Big Content Search support
- url and anchor length when adding links to articles is now much longer (some urls/anchors were getting trimmed before)
- previous post urls will now also get reset when resetting post/link verified status
- several smaller bug fixes

- improved article scraping
- fixed crash on WikiRobot startup when user settings file gets corrupted
- a few cosmetic bug fixes
- several performance improvements

- added option to automatically start scheduler on WikiRobot startup
- links can now include other parameters than href (e.g. title, etc.)
- implemented new linklicious API
- improved email confirmation success rate
- several smaller bug fixes and improvements

- added new article directories for project article scraping
- updated de-captcher library (should improve MegaOCR performance)
- improved MediaWiki success rate
- improved registration performance

- added an option to disable special characters in content title protection
- fixed AOL email creator
- fixed directory mode causing WikiRobot crashes

- added MegaOCR support (you need to use their new tunnel in order for it to properly work)
- added a few safety measures (e.g. popup before deleting a project, etc.)
- a few bug fixes
- several performance and success rate improvements

- posting to DokuWiki sites was broken in previous version and is now fixed (sorry about that)

- much finer control for proxies in Options (each action can be controlled separately; public/private proxies distinction has also been introduced)
- proxies are now chosen sequentially instead of randomly
- added more User Agents that are now chosen randomly
- added Quick Tips at startup
- fixed Indexing settings not getting loaded in Options
- other bug fixes

- identification of DokuWiki, MacOS, TikiWiki and MoiMoin was broken in the previous two versions of WikiRobot (sorry about that)

- articles can now be loaded alphabetically (each article is used only once) when posting in directory mode
- blacklisted domains can now be loaded from a file
- improved Options load performance
- fixed Options GUI
- some other bugs fixed

- added blacklisting functionality
- added .edu & .gov filter for sites and Wikibase sites
- links can now be inserted even if no text is selected
- several bug fixes and performance improvements

- WikiRobot now supports single quotes in links
- improved registration/posting speed
- a few smaller bug fixes

- added ability to duplicate projects
- improved MediaWiki success rate
- a few smaller bug fixes

- added ability to duplicate projects
- improved MediaWiki success rate
- a few smaller bug fixes

- added Linklicious.me support
- improved posting success rate for all platforms

- fixed WikiRobot won't run or will crash on startup
- fixed some other random number generation issues that sometimes affected spinning

- added support for MoinMoin platform
- GSA Captcha Breaker is now integrated directly (through instead of using DBC API
- several other fixes

- emergency updated: fixed crashes that happened because of our obfuscator

- WikiRobot can now use 1st line of article for title in directory mode
- only WikiRobot memory usage (instead of whole system usage) is now shown in resource monitor
- database will be checked for corruption size each time WikiRobot is started
- improved connection library
- fixed html parsing of some unusual sites crashing WikiRobot

- added support for TikiWiki
- improved log viewer
- improved MediaWiki and DokuWiki success rate
- improved connection handling and pinging library
- improved email confirmation process
- do-follow checker is now more accurate
- Hotmail username fix
- fixed directory of articles as a content mode not being accepted in scheduler wizard
- fixed "modal popup when WikiRobot is minimized" issue

- emergency update that solves some connectivity issues

- fixed issue where WikiRobot wouldn't run scheduler jobs when minimized until you would maximize it (this got broken in 1.0.11)
- fixed connections timing out when connection pool was full (happened sometimes while running lots of threads)
- ironed some other glitches

- a few small bug fixes

- significantly improved platform recognition success rate
- fixed INDEXIFICATION links submission issues
- fixed some smaller glitches

- added support for INDEXIFICATION indexing service

- added AOL email account creator
- fixed some smaller glitches and bugs
- several performance improvements

- added ability to export links in Excel format (with more information than just pure links)
- added new choices for deleting sites (e.g. delete all sites where posting failed, etc.)
- fixed neverending timeout issue (some sites will time out only after like 10 minutes)
- fixed lots of smaller bugs

- added imagetyperz support
- filters are now applied when exporting posted / verified links
- fixed POP3 disconnect crash bug (when confirming mails)

- fixed connection issues for DBC and GSA Captcha Breaker

- added estimated time remaining for actions
- fixed some nasty sites never timing out
- fixed new lines being treated improperly while posting to DokuWiki and WikkaWiki
- fixed DeathByCaptcha dll which would crash WikiRobot if DBC was unreachable

- added ability to load articles from directory
- added ability to load articles from url on the fly by using #url[http://www.link.com] in content title and body
- fixed scheduler start button getting disabled in some cases
- fixed filters not working correctly when filtering by specific platforms
- fixed unrecoverable crash that happened with some complex sites

- added The Best Spinner support
- added WordAi support
- added GSA Captcha Breaker support
- improved email confirmation process
- fixed a bug where emails would get deleted regardless of if they were process or not during email confirmation
- fixed DokuWiki posting bug where WikiRobot would sometimes post to main site instead of create a new site

- added new image captcha type for MediaWiki and fixed question type captcha solving for MediaWiki (wouldn't work in some cases)
- added a setting in Options/Captcha for question/answer type captchas - now a manual solving pop up will show when using captcha solving services/software
- added filtering options for project sites and unified it with WikiBase filtering options (now both show as a seperate tab)
- improved duplicates checking (WikiRobot now considers urls with and without slash at the end as duplicates)
- improved automatic determination of sites for posting
- some minor WikiBase bug fixes

- improved DBC timeout issues
- WikiBase list didn't include sites that had N/A Pagerank
- added ability to filter WikiBase sites by captcha status
- some minor GUI tweaks
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