register delay in 1029

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register delay in 1029

Postby eline » 04 Dec 2012, 21:40

hello ;) Im back!
I get new version, and ask one more time ;) I would like to have button Create accounts where fail.

What is "wrong" now. This "delay" and "timeout" option are great if is something wrong with URL. They are not working if soiemthing went wrong with internet connection or proxys. For example. I use public shared proxies, which fail as they are overused and gone quick. So next time when I choose WIKI and give "register in not registered" I change set of proxys.
So I can do this few times untill all respond.

Similar situation is when I would like to divide AA wikis and wikis where we have captcha. First few times I register without captcha solver, and when I have 0 new registrations i can use CS software.

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Re: register delay in 1029

Postby vision2003 » 05 Dec 2012, 19:44

Hi, welcome back. :)

There is no designated button "Create accounts where failed", but you can easily do that by sorting sites by "Registration" column, selecting failed sites, right-clicking and choosing "Register At Selected Site(s)". That's really just a few more clicks. But we will add designated button for account registration and posting for added convenience.

Retry works this way: if account registration (or any other action for that matter) doesn't succeed (that means that we didn't successfully create an account), registration will keep retrying until it reaches the retry count specified in Options. If you're using proxies each time registration is retried, different proxy (which is randomly chosen from all the proxies) is used. Of course if all proxies are dead registration will just fail again.

Captcha column in sites list will be added in the upcoming versions.

Right now we're focusing on release of WIkiRobot, but once we're live, we'll start implementing all those features. ;)
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Re: register delay in 1029

Postby eline » 05 Dec 2012, 22:15

Thanks, great news. I harvest 110k list so its not so easy to sort and choose correct one from list ;)
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